Fractional Language Department​

Fractional Language Department​ LangSouls

The best solution for localization in today’s agile development environment is our Fractional Language Department service which helps your company improve quality and efficiency of the language services before, during and after your translation project is done.

In an ideal world, every company working internationally would have its own language services department, but budgets being what they are most companies task either the product managers, Documentation managers or other stakeholders who frankly are too busy to devote much time to getting the job done correctly.

Langsouls provides a solution for this scenario. Our Fractional Language Department acts as your internal language services department, we will maintain your terminology, translation assets and assist your teams when they need it. Our experienced team members include localization engineers as well as documentation and marketing specialists.

The advantage is that you can be prepared for your next release and be sure that you are well prepared beforehand. If you are wondering whether or not this service is for you, drop us a line and we can arrange for a consultation to help you decide if this is for your organization.

Fractional Language Department​

Service Highlights

Just in time language management services
Outsourced project management
Outsourced localization engineering
Significantly reduces costs
Enhances customer experience