About Us

About LangSouls | Translation and localization provider

Our team is made up of experienced language and localization professionals who realized that an entire sector of customers is being overlooked.

Language industry consolidation has created a situation where large providers dictate to their customers how to work.
Our goal is to create a tailored system for each of our customers with language solutions specific to their needs.

We wanted to tell you a bit about why we founded Langsouls. We have been working together in the language services industry for more than 15 years. During that time, we gave our customers the best service we could. Over time the language industry evolved with new technologies and services. Together, we decided that now the best way we can help our customers was to offer them access to the same technologies, and quite frankly cost savings, that can be realized if only you could fully leverage the technologies, for the customers benefit.

And that is why we started Langsouls.

Our customers benefit from our proven expertise, as well as our knowledge of how to really get the most value out of your language service provider.

Our offerings are based on our fractional language services model which means that you get what amounts to your own in-house language department, at a fraction of the cost. We realize that this is a teaser, but you will have to wait for us to call, or you can reach out to us via our website.

What We Do

Simply put, we are a language services provider, but what we do depends on our customers needs, this is why we offer a tailored service. We understand that sometimes you will need a simple translation of a document, sometimes you need help in getting your marketing message out, and sometimes your requirements are for a full localization of your UI, documentation, regulatory and marketing materials. 

We build a solution for YOUR needs. What this means for you is that you can control your budget and get guidance from us that allows you to choose for yourself what you need.

Why Choose Us

The “New Normal” makes Langsouls the better choice!

With so many legacy language service providers why would you choose a young company?  In the past ten years the language industry has more than doubled in size with larger companies swallowing up their smaller competitors at a brisk pace. These larger enterprises understandably focus their efforts on clients with larger translation budgets, this means that an entire segment of the market (quite possibly yours) is being ignored. 

While the larger companies emphasize that their size enables them to offer a wider and more scalable solution the opposite is in fact the case.  There have been remarkable developments in the world since the end of 2019 with business and technology undergoing tremendous disruption as well as democratization of services. Langsouls is here to help you benefit from this “new normal”.  

Our team’s experience spans decades with small medium and large LSPs, we help our customers benefit from this new paradigm and provide the best solutions for them. Our approach is to support our customers by leveraging the new paradigm, this enables us to offer the same range of services with more transparency and better impact on your budget.

Founding Souls

David Sommer has nearly two decades experience in the translation and localization industry and has filled multiple roles with Language Service Providers in operations and business development. David’s perspective, experience and his intimate knowledge of the processes involved in effective localization, make him uniquely qualified to help organizations navigate the localization landscape. A graduate of the State University of New York, David is also a qualified electrician and during breaks can be found working on the lighting in his home.


Dmitry Koldertsov, an acclaimed polyglot has been involved in translation and localization operations for 14 years. After having spent the first few years as a localization tester, Dmitry transitioned to other operational roles in DTP and Engineering. His experience with a wide range of localization tools and methodologies has helped countless organizations reach their goals. He graduated from Bar-Ilan University with a degree in applied mathematics, and is dedicated to his family and pets and is never one to shy away from adopting a lost kitten. Dmitry considers himself an early adopter and often fiddles with the newest audio gadgets. 


Shmuel Duan, or Shmulik, to everyone who knows him, is the dynamo that keeps us going. As an accomplished amateur musician, his heart is never far from his soul. In his less ethereal pursuits, Shmulik has been involved in localization for the past ten years creating and maintaining a vision for the companies where he worked. His previous roles as Director of Engineering and Technology, obscure the fact that Shmulik lead a successful M&A integration of systems and personnel. His understanding of how development works means that he is always able to come up with solutions that help our customers. His ability to understand emerging technologies and trends, industry standards, and best practices, drives innovation, and his customer-facing capabilities have no equal.