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What do we really know about Marketing Translation? You want to make an impact in the target language, and you trust your vendor to provide you with meaningful translated content, but do you really know what you are getting? Your vendor may be doing their best to provide you with an adequate solution, but how much do they invest in understanding what your real goals are? Our vision is to make sure that our customers understand the options that are available for them, and make this information actionable for them. Transcreation may seem like an ideal solution, but many industries have complex regulatory requirements that control how and what and you can say about your product. Marketing translation is about understanding the customer and their requirements.

Seven things we know about marketing translation.

  • Marketing translation is not necessarily direct translation
  • Slogans and taglines should be well thought out at the creation level
  • Planning is crucial, it takes more time to translate if you do not have access to marketing briefs and marketing information before you begin translation
  • Pay attention to the tone and style, make sure that this is reflected in the information you share with your linguists
  • Your brands’ voice should be clear in the source and the target languages
  • Product and marketing should always be on the same page
  • Marketing translation is a collaborative endeavor

Marketing Translation​

Service Highlights

Communicate effectively in multiple regions
Collaborative effort ensures success
Adapt your message globally