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When you encounter your first requirement for translation it may seem trivial, something seemingly simple such as an investor presentation, or financial documents, alternatively it may also be your website, software or documentation, whatever the case you should approach this undertaking with the seriousness it deserves. Keep in mind that as a start-up or small company, you are selling yourself as much as an idea. If you think your idea is worth a billion dollars, and you don’t present it well enough, then you have lost a billion dollars. When you meet with your investors or potential customers, you want to make a good impression on them and your content needs to look professional and relevant. Here at Langsouls we offer two distinct language service packages in order to help companies “jumpstart” their language plans.

Plan One

For companies starting to translate their product or documents:

This plan is designed to create an infrastructure for language services; we provide the following:

An initial primer for localization for your team given by our instructors which include localization project managers, engineers, developers and marketing experts.
A brief localization readiness assessment.
Preparation of an initial glossary in the source language (usually English) and conversion into a terminology database.
A condensed Style Guide for linguists.
These introductory steps will help your company understand the correct localization process for long-term success.

Plan Two

For companies that need translations or linguistic review of financial reports, investor presentations, IPO documents and other similar types of communications.

A potential investor will give you three minutes to make a good impression, if they are not wowed at first glance, then you will very likely go home disappointed. Langsouls provides experienced English-speaking financial professionals who have worked on IPOs preparing financial documents and presentations for a global audience. Our aim is to assist you in NOT making your first impression your last one. When the message positively and absolutely makes the difference between success and failure, you must make certain that all the loose ends are tightly wrapped.

Start-up Corner​

Service Highlights

Helps Start-ups with their initial messaging
Ensures that the start-up looks professional from the start