Transcreation Services LangSouls

Translation requires an understanding of the content; transcreation requires understanding and communication of the intent. Companies invest tremendous resources in copywriting in order to relate to their audience. Word for word translation alone may not be sufficient to reach your non-English speaking target and meet your requirements, it may in fact even have the opposite desired effect. Transcreation might be what you need.

Transcreation requires a more intimate knowledge of your processes and campaigns. Translators replicate the source into the target language, the translator is constrained by their commitment to adhere to the source and cannot add or reinterpret it. They have a mandate to produce a translation which is error free including the proper use of terminology, grammar and spelling.

Transcreation by definition not only allows more creativity but requires a bolder approach. The process goes beyond translation and truly requires a cooperative approach. Transcreation does not begin after the creation of the content, but requires an understanding of the campaign and creative briefs.

The output will be a message that will resonate with its target audience and convey the same feeling, intent and goals of the creators. For an introduction to the process please contact the Langsouls professionals.


Service Highlights

Look and feel as if it was created specifically that market
Creative approach to promoting your product in that locale
Makes sure your message resonates in that locale
Ensures your target audience will understand your product message