Start-up Corner​

When you encounter your first requirement for translation it may seem trivial, something seemingly simple such as an investor presentation, or financial documents, alternatively it may also be your website, software or documentation, whatever the case you should approach this undertaking with the seriousness it deserves. Keep in mind that as a start-up or small […]

Desktop Publishing (DTP)​

Desktop publishing experts are responsible for visually assisting in communicating text into formatted digital communication. DTP Localization supports multilingual efforts. Desktop publishing is the creation of documents using page layout software on a personal computer. It was first used almost exclusively for print publications, but now it also assists in the creation of various forms […]

Marketing Translation​

What do we really know about Marketing Translation? You want to make an impact in the target language, and you trust your vendor to provide you with meaningful translated content, but do you really know what you are getting? Your vendor may be doing their best to provide you with an adequate solution, but how […]


Translation requires an understanding of the content; transcreation requires understanding and communication of the intent. Companies invest tremendous resources in copywriting in order to relate to their audience. Word for word translation alone may not be sufficient to reach your non-English speaking target and meet your requirements, it may in fact even have the opposite […]

Media Translation​

Media has gained special prominence in business today; media translation enables your company to effectively communicate your content across multiple media channels. Organizations rely on media to communicate their brand and image. As media channels have proliferated companies must keep up. Global companies especially are faced with even more challenges, they need to address the […]

eLearning Translation​

eLearning has become the standard bearer for communicating throughout your organization, and 2020 created a new urgency for multilingual solutions. The global eLearning market is estimated to grow to $331 billion by 2025. Whether it is HR, marketing, customer training or talent development, eLearning has captured a significant share of your communications, and localizing these courses […]

Multilingual Websites​

How often do we hear that 75% of global consumers prefer to buy products in their native language? How often do we act on this information? More importantly, there is a huge impact that a multilingual site has on your customers and your business even if your site is not an e-commerce site. We understand […]

Software Localization​

Software localization is about getting your products into your users’ hands in a way that will amplify their experience meaningfully through their own language. Everyday almost everyone in the world uses some kind of software. End users are much more likely to use your product in their native language. While software localization is not new, […]

Technical Translation​

Technical Translation involves specialized skills and is most typically for content produced by technical writers. Technical writers and how they communicate are key to a products success. They are responsible for instructing users in the operation of the product by creating user guides, product information, how to guides, quick start manuals, etc. and are often […]

Fractional Language Department​

The best solution for localization in today’s agile development environment is our Fractional Language Department service which helps your company improve quality and efficiency of the language services before, during and after your translation project is done. In an ideal world, every company working internationally would have its own language services department, but budgets being […]

Visual Localization​

Visual Localization helps you localize your software by providing a multistakeholder platform to support your localization efforts. The name Visual Localization is derived from the fact that the localization is performed within a tool that gives the linguist visual contextual reference incorporated into the platform. This is only one part of a localization ecosystem that provides a […]


What is translation? While we may think it is obvious what is meant by “translation”, in fact it can be any of several types of service, such as: One linguist who may or may not review their own work Two linguists, one reviewing the others work Linguists using CAT tools (computer assisted translation tools) Using and […]